Dermevo is an essential oil and soap producer. They produce high-quality products for skincare. Their products are made from natural ingredients.


Brand Identity & Packaging






They wanted a logo identity that illustrates the natural product and for skincare also. So we came up with the idea of a shape of a woman face to show skincare, the D shape for the Dermevo, and a leaf to give an organic flavor. We also used green for organic and orange for the energy of beauty and health.

We also designed labels for the essential oil labels, packages. The same things for the soap also. We made two versions of the soap package design. So the client had the luxury to choose one from them. They choose the second one as the final.


Essential Oil

Dermevo makes fully natural essential oils so they wanted a clean and natural look to the label including some of their own interest to the label designs. We're really happy to contribute to their project and give it a really nice face after all.


Handmade Natural Soap

Dermevo makes handmade natural soap. They needed a natural view in the design of the soap packaging. We feel proud to accomplish their project goal and find a professional customer grabbing brand design.

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