An online job platform. Skilled people will create their profiles to do the services for the employers who would love to enjoy a super beneficial way of getting things done for them.


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Sufast Inc.



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Job Platform

In this modern era, everybody loves comfort and security. But we need to go out of our comfort zone to get things done. So to give a very relax and enjoyable way to get their own things done, SUFAST has born. They facilitate easier ways to take or give services online for all.

This is a global platform for both service providers and clients. Using this Platform the clients can enjoy Education,  IT, Event Management, Home, Design, Development, etc services and pay easily to the service providers with secured payment.

Web & Mobile

We are happy to design two versions of their App for WEB and MOBILE. It'll be really helpful for the users to use it on phone or desktop. We loved to give the brand a solution for both of the needs with single app solution.

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App Screens

1. Splash Screen

2. Login Screen

3. Signup Screen

4. Dashboard Screen

5. Profile Screen

6. Profile Setting Screen

7. Service Items Screen

8. Offered Jobs Screen

9. Pending Jobs Screen

10. Completed Jobs Screen

11. Payment Setting Screen

12. Payment History Screen

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